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Anthology of Piano Duets - Level 2


The criteria used in selecting these Level 2 pieces differ from Level 1 in two important respects.  All the pieces are still in the five-finger position, but some examples demand a degree of independence of hands, while other pieces are significantly long – thus developing greater concentration.  There is, again, a mixture of pupil Primo and Secondo parts.  All the commonly used subdivisions of the beat are cultivated in these pieces.  Pitch should present no particular problem. There is repertoire by John Kinross, Anton Diabelli, Cornelius Gurlitt, and Hermann Berens. In addition there are five newly composed pieces by John Kember, Christopher Norton and Jeroen Speak.




    Kinross, John - Bohemian Dance
  Berens, Hermann - Melodic Piece No. 27, from 27 Pianoforte Duets Op. 62
    Berens, Hermann - Melodic Piece No. 19, from 27 Pianoforte Duets Op. 62
    Kinross, John - Festal March
    Kinross, John - Cavatina
    Norton, Christopher - A Little Carol
    Gurlitt, Cornelius - Grateful Task No. 15, from 26 Original Pieces Op. 102
    Kember, John - Rum Baba
    Norton, Christopher - Five Bells
    Diabelli, Anton - Sonatina No. 2, from Six Sonatinas on 5 notes Op. 163
    Diabelli, Anton - Polonaise, No. 14 from Melodious Exercises, Op. 149
    Kember, John - Idyll
    Diabelli, Anton - March, No. 7 from Melodious Exercises, Op. 149
    Speak, Jeroen - Night Journey