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Anthology of Piano Duets - Level 1


The criteria used in selecting these Level 1 pieces are significant and precise.  All the pupil parts are in a five-finger position, starting with whole-note values then moving through all the commonly encountered subdivisions of the beat.  There is a mixture of Primo and Secondo parts for the pupil.  Pitch should present no particular problem. There is repertoire by John Kinross, Andre Caplet, Anton Diabelli, Cornelius Gurlitt, and Hermann Berens. In addition there are innovative newly composed pieces by John Kember and Christopher Norton.




    Kinross, John - Melody No. 1
    Kinross, John - Waltz No. 1
    Kember, John - Simple Samba
    Caplet, André - Une petite danse slovaque
    Kinross, John - Cradle Song
    Kinross, John - Rustic Dance No. 1
    Norton, Christopher - Boating
    Kinross, John - Hungarian Dance
    Berens, Hermann - Waltz Op. 62 No. 26
    Norton, Christopher - A Little Calypso
    Gurlitt, Cornelius - Grateful Task No. 10
    Diabelli, Anton - Sonatina Op. 163 No. 1, third movement
    Gurlitt, Cornelius - Grateful Task No. 20
    Kinross, John - Polonaise
    Swinstead, Felix - Oriental Dance
    Gurlitt, Cornelius - Grateful Task No. 17
    Caplet, André - Une petite barcarolle