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Leon d'Ourville - A Selection from Soirees Musicales

Republished for the first time in over 100 years

The circumstances of Léon d’Ourville’s life and times remain shrouded in mystery. Although the Soirées Musicales originally appeared in print over one hundred years ago it is, at the time of writing, impossible to find any hard evidence about when or where d’Ourville lived; indeed nothing can be presently reported concerning anything to do with his life or circumstances. The eighteen piano duets that make up the complete Soirées Musicales originally appeared in four volumes published by Augener Edition, with titles given in English, French and German. Evidence from contemporary news items points to these duets as having been published in the 1880’s, and the thirty-three works by d’Ourville held in the British Library would suggest somewhere between 1879–1900. From this one might assume d’Ourville to have been born c.1830–1850. His country of birth, work and death all remain a mystery.

The music is maturely romantic, and the piano duet writing is masterful. The eleven pieces in the present volume are very welcome additions to the repertoire.


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    Slumber Song
    Rustic Dance
    In the Garden
    The Lake
    Valse Impromptu
    Reaper's Song
    The Smithy
    The Mill